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I love each one of them - mulotiply fandoms, multiply fun!
I just realized an obvious one that hasn't been mentioned: House of El - Truth and Justice ("American way" doesn't really fit)
I love the House of Wayne ones, and thanks for the wallpaper!

House Atreides - We look where others cannot
House Harkonnen - The spice must flow
House of Mouse - If you can dream it, you can do it
House Jordan - Overcoming great fear
House Allen - Life is locomotion (I really like this one!)
What about house pancake? IHOP
What about House Walker (for the Phantom Or the Ghost who walks?)
Or House Gordon
House Creed?
These are brilliant any chance your going to produce and sell them?
Ookawa-Issui Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
House Lebowski (sigil - his glass of white Russian and the sunglasses): "We Abide"
House Kenshin (sigil - vertical katana in its sheath with a cloth tied in a knot, locking the blade in the sheath, the slanted cross scar in the background): "Protect the Meek", "These Ones Serve", or as a silly one "Oro?"
House Stark (sigil - His chest Arc Reactor): "I Am Ironman" or "Greatness Is Forged"
+1 for House Lebowski, (tony) Stark, Spartan, & Aran
Ookawa-Issui Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
House Who (sigil - Bowtie or the tardis) "You Should Run"
House Spartan (sigil - master chief's helmet) "Spartans Never Die" or "I Need A Weapon"
House Freeman (sigil - crowbar and glasses) "The Strong and Silent Type"
House Aran (sigil - Samus Aran's helmet and/or arm cannon) "The Galaxy's Best"
House Williams (Army of Darkness)
House Howlett - The Best At What We Do (Wolverine)
House Summers - Death is Our Gift (BtVS)
House Draven - Death Is Not The End (The Crow)
House Song - Love Beyond Time (DW)
House Dresden (The Dresden Files)
I'm hanging out for House Xavier, House Grey, House Summers, House Sinister, House Who, House Kyle, House Hefner
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