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Hi Everyone!
I realised that I can't sell those prints cause I don't own any of HBO rights over game of thrones. So, I'll be releasing the prints for free. But you'll need to print them by yourselves.
Sorry Kristen, Jen, and everyone who wanted to buy this.
Thank you! Enjoy It!

I am really sorry about all the questions and comments I didn't answer yet. Happens that i'm working on another project and I'm having less time to come here. Soon I'll be giving my atention to everyone who appreciate my stuff here. I'm very grateful!
Today I posted a new Wayne poster for prints. Let me Know if you like and maybe I'll be doing the next ones this way. Also remaking some of the old ones too.

See ya!
First of all, I'd like to thank you all for the amazing and unexpected feedback I'm receiving. I hope to answer all the questions and comments as soon as possible. And improve myself as a designer to make more fan stuff you may like.
And that's It!
And for my brazilian fellows, nada me deixaria mais contente por aqui que trocar uma ideia com vocês. Costumo só escrever em inglês por aqui porque é basicamente o idioma dominante e não queria excluir ninguém por não falar português.